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We’re not just driven by data at Strathmore. We’re driven by results. There’s no better way to prove that than to look at the results we’ve earned for our customers over the past 40+ years.


American Express Wine Guide

American Express

Project: The Wine Guide for “Food & Wine” Magazine

Objective: Food & Wine had a custom publication that was not meeting expectations in the marketplace. American Express suspected that the solution to growing sales was to reduce the time to market and eliminate fulfillment mistakes.

The Issue: This high-profile publication was taking far too much time to get produced, packaged and distributed. Lag times of several weeks—and distribution mistakes— resulted in costly delays to market, wasted display space rental and put potential sales at risk.

Strathmore Solution: We thoroughly analyzed the distribution data from previous years and developed a forecasting system to predict future packaging and distribution needs within 95% accuracy.

Results: Strathmore’s elegant streamlined process of printing, kitting, packaging and distribution resulted in books ready to ship out ahead of schedule with zero mistakes on the first try. The Wine Guide was able to achieve its full potential of display sales and the program grew an average of 11.1% per year for four straight years.

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South Carolina Bed & Breakfast AssociationSouth Carolina Bed &Breakfast Association

Project: The SCBBA Membership Directory

Objective: The Association’s most important marketing tool needed to be produced faster, cheaper and become more of a “hands-off” project for their staff.

The Issue: This complex marketing piece required months of time to gather data, design, produce and distribute.  The Association’s small staff was stretched beyond their capacity.

Strathmore Solution: We worked with SCBBA’s Webmaster to create a unique site for data collection. The final data feed was sent directly to Strathmore to be processed, quality assured and formatted into a template.  Photos and maps followed a separate workflow and were married together at the output stage.

In addition, Strathmore sold display ads for the publication to help offset production costs.  Strathmore designed and placed the ads, collected the funds and produced and distributed the publication.

Results: SCBBA had little time involvement in the project except for approvals. Overall project time and costs were reduced significantly due to Strathmore’s end-to-end solution coupled with revenue sharing of display advertising.

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Northwestern UniversityNorthwestern University

Project: Customer Retention Program

Objective: Northwestern University Department of Athletics and Recreation (NUDAR) wanted to market their fitness club facilities better, and increase their member retention rates from existing acquisition programs.

The Issue: Response rates from traditional marketing programs were declining for no apparent reason. Membership churn was at an all time high. Their data needed to be cleaned up and analyzed before a new marketing program could be developed and implemented.

Strathmore Solution: After thorough cleaning, sorting and analyzing of the data, Strathmore determined NUDAR’s best ROI would be to implement a customer retention program.

We identified three distinct marketing opportunities and created a unique multichannel marketing campaign for each segment. We also implemented a data collection and lead management system on the backend to track response rates for the entire program.

Results: Ambitious program goals were set at a 4% redemption rate. The Strathmore solution achieved an impressive 5.4% redemption rate.
-Industry average CTR for opt-in e-mail is 4.9%. Our current average is just below 23%.
-Direct mail industry standards are 0.5% response rate. Our current average is slightly more than 9.8%.

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Hilton Homewood SuitesHilton Homewood Suites

Objective: Find a new supplier for Homewood’s e-directory that would be more responsive to their needs.

The Issue: Homewood’s existing supplier was no longer supporting their vital desktop application—a key element of their marketing strategy.  The old application was outdated and lacked functionality.  Based on customer comments, Homewood requested changes that took too long to implement at too high a cost.  A change needed to be made. Quickly and efficiently.

Strathmore Solution: We were already managing Homewood’s data for other marketing programs, so developing a custom web application to fit their needs was fast and efficient. We brought them new ideas and functionality to better serve their customers, and provided up-to-date applications as needed with unique user notifications.

Results: Homewood Suites was able to replace their old application with Strathmore’s vastly improved e-directory.  The new design and functionality created a superior customer experience.

Since Strathmore was managing their data, the e-directory data and all related marketing materials were created to give consistency across all media.

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