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What is smart print?

Smart Print is a program that utilizes advertising and sponsorships in your marketing materials to generate revenue for your organization. We can turn your newsletter, directory, catalog or brochure into a Smart Print solution that reduces production costs and delivers immediate revenue to your company, group or organization. You have complete control over all editorial content, and we'll also work with you to determine appropriate advertisers and sponsors.

how does it work?

We partner with your organization to develop a complete Smart Print program. We take responsibility for securing advertisers and sponsors, which allows you to focus on the content and format of your materials. We present a highly-professional image in the marketplace to help promote the Smart Print concept to potential advertisers, in addition to enhancing your branding and PR efforts. All production, pre-press and printing is handled in-house at The Strathmore Company, and we also provide the mailing and distribution services required by your project.

We make it easy for you by managing the entire program:

Current Smart Print clients include:
Not-For-Profit Organizations
Park Districts

Smart Print "by the numbers"…

Your group receives immediate revenue from all ad sales and sponsorships. You'll receive another 50% of all profits after our expenses are covered. The cost of your program is guaranteed for 3 years and your satisfaction is also 100% Guaranteed!

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We work closely with companies who advertise in Smart Print publications to ensure the quality of all materials. We offer free advertising design (if needed) and also implement several quality control measures that guarantee a professional presentation. In some cases, we can also recommend cross-selling opportunities for expanded reach.

Advertising in a Smart Print publication offers many advantages to marketers:

Let us show you how to put your advertising dollars to effective use with Smart Print publications.

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"For my business at Coldwell Banker in Clarendon Hills, the newsletter has been a great tool to share my contact information. It's also great to hear from customers and friends that saw my advertisement while reading the newsletter."

"We are happy we decided to advertise in the Aurora Public Library Community newsletter. It's very professionally done and we have had a great response, Thanks again!"

"Our publication is the perfect vehicle for linking local retailers with the customers they serve. Even in a tight-knit community like ours, there's always an opportunity for improved communication."

Getting Started

We can provide a complete overview of the program with no obligation to you. If you'd prefer, we can also make a detailed presentation to your Board or Management where we'll outline the revenue potential, advertising sales methods, project timetables, and more. We can also show you how other clients are benefitting from Smart Print Programs.

Mark Rediehs
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Jose Andres Salgado
Lomitas Real Estate Inc.

Terrie Walker
Clarendon Hills Chamber of Commerce

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