Why Printed Short Run Publications Should Stay Alive

By Richelle Wescott

If the New Yorker still believes their magazine will be ran in print form in twenty years, why shouldn’t your advertisements and publications be as well? Here at the Strathmore Company we help some Internet retailers and associations expand beyond their digital email blasts. We provide them with services for short run print publications; a tangible publication that consumers can’t just click to their email trash.

The short run market is slowly being taken over by digital printing. But this is a shame when you consider the higher quality and depth of information a publication from a traditional press can offer compared to a digital outlet. The Strathmore Company recognizes the need for dynamic information, as well as adhering to tighter budgets. Just like the New Yorker will perverse its print magazine’s reputation, a reputation of high quality and lengthy history, we will do the same for you. At the Strathmore Company we also offer a range of capabilities for personalizing your short run publication. As a print company you can be sure of our commitment to quality customer service, seeking ad sales, original design, excellent printing and binding, as well as a warehouse and mailing services.

The New Yorker has always been there for its city’s interested readers, and while they have expanded into digital media they will never get rid of their commitment to the print magazine. Likewise, The Strathmore Company will never give up our commitment to your short run publication: start to finish.  

The New Yorker information comes from AdAge.com (http://adage.com/article/media/yorker-editor-print-mag-20-years/232448/)

Be sure to also reference our other post on short run publications at http://www.strath.com/blogs/are-short-run-publications-right-for-your-marketing-mix


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