When to consider a Marketing “Makeover”

Sometimes you just have a feeling and other times you know for sure… it’s time to re-tool your marketing efforts. We get asked that a lot – “when do I know it’s time for a change”. Well, you might want to consider making some changes if any of the following pertain to your business.

You don’t have clearly-defined goals for your marketing plan. If you’re creating new ads or Facebook pages or catalogs or anything else “just because”, then you’re wasting time and money. You must consider your overall business goals and objectives, and then build a marketing plan to help you meet them.

You don’t have a clearly-defined position in the marketplace. I recently had someone tell me that they were the high-cost, high-quality producer of premium products. In the next breath, they said they wanted to have an “80% Percent Off List” sale page on their web site. See the disconnect? If you’re the Cadillac of your industry, you don’t have garage sales.

Your marketing materials don’t match. This is an easy trap to fall into. Put all of your sell sheets, catalogs, ads, direct mail, brochures, promotions, social media and web pages on the wall. If they match, good for you. If it looks like a ransom note, you need to start creating a more-consistent look and feel for all of your materials.

Your customers don’t want to hear from you. Do you know who and where your customers are? If so, you probably have an ongoing affirmation and communication plan directed at them. If they are opting-out of these communications, reducing their purchases or simply not taking your calls, it’s time for a change in strategy.

Are you losing customers? Even though we list it last, it’s the most obvious red flag. If you’re losing customers, they either: A) Don’t see the value in what you offer; or B) They’re being seduced by the competition. In either case, it’s a clear indicator that your positioning, messaging or delivery – or perhaps all three – need tweaking.

There can be other “warning” signs as well, even if it’s just a gut feeling. If you suspect your marketing is veering off course, give us a call and we’ll do a no-obligation assessment of your strategies, tactics and materials.

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