Top 5 Reasons for a Leads Management System

In my humble opinion, every company should be employing a leads management system, like our Channel Track program.  What is a leads management system?  Simply put, it is a way of tracking the lead generation from your sales and marketing efforts.  So why is that important?  Well, here are the top 5 reasons that every company should have a leads management system in place.

5.  One of the top reasons for employing a lead management system is to ensure a quick and timely reaction to direct response activity.  Every minute that passes from the time a prospect responds, the interest level goes down exponentially.  You want to respond to that prospect as soon as possible.  If you have a system in place, then you can setup systematic replies to inquiries based on the campaign to which they are responding.  You can also setup timely lead routing to sales people as well, so that they can follow-up with the hottest leads.

4.  One of the more popular reasons lately is the ability to accurately calculate the ROI of your marketing budget.  With a system like Channel Track in place, you will be tracking every lead that comes in from your marketing efforts.  Since you are tracking the leads, you can follow them through the sales process to see how many closed and became customers.  Once you have established a baseline ROI of your marketing spend, then you can begin to make changes in your marketing program and track the effectiveness and improvement. 

3.  With a lead management system in place, you can begin to employ lead nurturing programs that will weed out the tire kickers from the serious buyers.  While there are several nurturing programs and tools, none of them are effective without a system in place to capture those leads and route them to the proper qualification process. 

2.  The difficulties in managing a multichannel marketing program are only trumped by the difficulty in monitoring the responses across that multichannel campaign.  A good lead management system allows you to do both.  When you are tracking every lead and the media channel and campaign through which it comes, then you are able to determine the effectiveness of different media channels and different messaging.  You can test the effectiveness of different messaging in the same campaign.

1.  A good leads management system gives you the ability to make good sales and marketing decisions to increase customer acquisition.   When you are able to determine the ROI of your marketing spend by campaign, channels, and messaging, then you can make informed decisions.  You will have the ability to test out new ideas to see if they are being effective and should continued to be pursued or killed off.  You can allocate more spend to the media channels that are being more effective in bringing you in qualified leads. 

The bottom line is that without a leads management system in place, you are making decisions about your marketing spend in the dark.  I passionately plead with you to turn on the lights and start collecting data that will help you make better decisions for your future marketing efforts.

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