The Uncanny Connection between Amazon Kindle Fire and Smart Print Solutions

By Richelle Wescott

Starting August 1st The Strathmore Company plans on entering our customers into a drawing for a new Kindle Fire. Aside from our upcoming contest though, Amazon’s Android tablet has an even more integral tie to The Strathmore Company’s Smart Printing Solution.

In a recent article from titled, Amazon Pitching Kindle Fire Welcome-Screen Ads for $600K by Roberto Baldwin, the new ad supported Kindle Fire was discussed. If the newest Kindle continues to offer an ad-supported model they will typically be 30 percent cheaper than the ad-free versions, meaning a 25 percent price reduction for consumers (making it $150). But why does this matter to the Smart Print customer?

When The Strathmore Company uses Smart Print as your company’s publishing solution, 20 percent of the ad cost is rebated to your company. This means if a $300 dollar ad is solicited for your newsletter, $60 comes directly back to you. The goal of this type of printing solution is to eventually have advertising profits cover the entire cost of printing. At Strathmore we wish to save our customers money on their printing needs, just as Amazon would like to cut product costs for consumers. In the end we hope your company is happy with saving on your publication, and will enjoy the satisfaction of winning our Kindle Fire.

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