Take Action on Data

In a world of algorithms, linear models, and neural network models, multichannel merchants often ask the same question: Now that we have data on our customers, how can we use the information to improve response?

Marketers can easily get caught in a trap of collecting data from customers just for the sake of collecting data, says Tony Chivari, vice president of marketing for New York-based general merchandise mailer Spiegel. Then they sort through the collected data, review the findings, and wonder what to do with them.

Often that leads to merchants’ asking for personal information such as age during the checkout process. Such information might not necessarily help them improve their target marketing — and asking for it can lead to higher site abandonment rates.

“You can tell a lot about your customers by what they are ordering, so you don’t need to ask them any questions that may come off as intrusive,” Chivari says.

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