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Getting Schooled on New School Marketing

For every $24 spent on acquisition marketing, only $1 is spent on retention marketing, according to Scott Orlich, chief marketing officer of Responsys. He thinks some of that acquisition spend would be better used in maintaining relationships with existing customers, and in a session at the DMA: 2010 conference, he discussed how.

Mobile Marketing: The Big Picture

Years from now, when the mobile phone really is the remote control for life, historians will best be in position to gauge the 2007-09 contributions of Steve Jobs and Apple’s iPhone.

One may argue that the iPhone did more for the advancement of mobile marketing than any other piece of hardware.

According to a recent survey from Crowd Science, 38 percent of smart phone owners who don’t own an Apple iPhone would “probably” or “definitely” switch when making their next purchase. That article isn’t looking to demystify the iPhone, but it does aim to highlight an important point: Despite the unbounded enthusiasm for the device and the mania surrounding its mobile applications, the iPhone represents only a small fraction of today’s opportunity for marketers.

Increasing Popularity of QR Codes

Currently, QR code is most popular in Japan. Its popularity is spreading across Europe and the United States, especially with the increasing ease of access to a 3G network via cell phones. The code is capable of encoding the same amount of data in as little as one-tenth the space requirement of a traditional bar code and can be read from any direction in 360°. It has more data encoding capability than the conventional bar code, thus it can hold more information that any QR capable smart phone can easily read, such as, but not limited to the following:

Transactional Data: The Missing Ingredient in Your Retail Marketing Strategy

To acquire and retain customers, savvy retailers simply cannot say, “We have a nice product” or “We have lovely salespeople” or “We’re on the sunny side of the street.” It’s hard work to constantly motivate customers to choose your store over the thousands of other choices out there. So unless you know whom those customers are, you will not experience continued success.