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7 Ways to Improve Your Blog SEO with Inbound Links

Are you looking for innovative ways to improve your search engine rankings?

In an earlier post I talked about the need to fully optimize your website and blog posts for search engines.

However, content optimization will only take you so far. For a website to really take off in the search engine rankings, it needs to generate incoming links from relevant and reputable websites. And you have little control of incoming links.

To increase the likelihood of obtaining high-quality incoming links, here are seven things you can do:

3 Ways to Close the Gap Between Social Media and Direct Response

Does the phrase direct marketer conjure up sleazy images? If you thought yes, you’re not alone.

Both social media marketing and direct response marketing place a focused pitch on the right list (prospects) and understanding what they want in order to engage them with relevant information that will get them to buy from you.

So why are social media and direct response considered mutually exclusive?

6 Simple Marketing Strategies to Increse Your Business

Marketing is the most common problem that people running or starting small businesses ask me about. Typically, they say something like, “I’ve placed some ads but they just don’t seem to be doing anything.” – in other words, not bringing them the customers, clients or sales they desire.

Marketing is More Than Advertising

But marketing and advertising are not synonymous and ‘placing a few ads’ is never going to draw the kind of business a small business needs to be successful. Marketing is a process, not an event. It involves planning marketing goals and implementing (often a series of) marketing strategies to achieve them.

Take Action on Data

In a world of algorithms, linear models, and neural network models, multichannel merchants often ask the same question: Now that we have data on our customers, how can we use the information to improve response?

Marketers can easily get caught in a trap of collecting data from customers just for the sake of collecting data, says Tony Chivari, vice president of marketing for New York-based general merchandise mailer Spiegel. Then they sort through the collected data, review the findings, and wonder what to do with them.

Often that leads to merchants’ asking for personal information such as age during the checkout process. Such information might not necessarily help them improve their target marketing — and asking for it can lead to higher site abandonment rates.

Four Small Business Marketing Steps You Need to Put Into Check

Ohhhh la la pretty graphics, wonderful colors and everything aesthetic, but do your potential customers know what you are trying to say?

I think the biggest mistake we make in marketing is making everything so difficult for consumers to understand that they don’t get it. Literally. And if they don’t get it, they usually don’t feel compelled to act, buy, etc. … you see where I’m going with this.

Marketing is about informing consumers about your products and services and telling them why they should pick you over your competitor – it really is that simple.

Are you doing that? If you are not it’s time to really analyze your marketing strategy and evaluate the point you’re trying to get across.

The Secret Driver of Loyalty

When you think about it, why is anyone loyal to any consumer brand? I mean, after all, there are SO MANY of them. Choices galore. Why commit? Why not just go “for the gusto” and be a brand gigolo?

It’s not like you can even tell a lot of them apart any more. Most consumer brands have superficial differences and scant advantages over other alternatives in their categories. With all that commoditization out there, why pay retail? Stack up the Groupons, rise early on Black Friday, or wait ’til the last minute on Christmas Eve, and let ‘er rip!

With a few notable exceptions, hardly any brand innovates anymore to make even a small attempt at differentiating their offerings. Line extensions, minor product variations, flankers…*YAWN*.

Better Channel Integration with Short URLs and QR Codes

With Americans spending nearly a quarter of their time online on social networking sites and blogs (a 43% increase from just a year ago, according to a recent study by Nielsen), there is no reason marketers should not be taking advantage of these new communication platforms. People see, hear, and touch more marketing messages than ever before. To stay top of mind with your audience, it is important to be where they are at all times and embrace these new avenues of communication. 

Many companies have created Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles as another way to connect with customers and prospects. Social media provide customers one more way to interact with you and provide prospects a noninvasive way to learn more about your company.

5 Steps to Become a Better Social Media Marketer

If you want to be more effective with driving traffic to your website or blog with social media, here are five steps that are sure to improve your results.

1. Targeting the Right Sites

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of social media sites that you could be using. Obviously no one has the time to use them all effectively, and some of them aren’t worth your time anyway.

Read the complete article here.

3 Reasons You Should Use SMS Text Marketing

SMS text marketing is a very powerful marketing strategy that is relatively new. The great news is that you don’t have to be a big corporation to use this strategy. SMS marketing can benefit you in more ways than just getting your product known. It can help you to build customer loyalty for years to come, from generation to generation.

1. The first thing you need to do to realize the number one reason you should use this method is to read up on its success. I don’t mean read articles online or reviews, you can find information in newspapers and other print media how businesses were successful after such a campaign. Knowing how successful it is, is the first reason you should use SMS Text Marketing.

How to Target the Right Social Media Sites

Most bloggers recognize the incredible potential that exists with social media marketing. Many want to maximize the traffic they receive from social media, so they add a Digg button to their posts or sign up for an account at StumbleUpon. What too many bloggers overlook is that Digg and StumbleUpon are just two of the hundreds of available options, and they may not be the best fit for every blogger.