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Five Ways to Make Communicating Web Analytics Data Easier

Visits, pageviews, time on site, time on page, unique visitors, conversions, impressions, click-throughs, view-throughs… the list of metrics used to measure the performance of our digital marketing activities is as confusing as it is endless.

Often it’s up to online marketers to communicate what all of that jargon means to those who are still worried about how many “hits” their site got last year. It’s challenging, to say the least.

5 Tips to Gain Mobile Loyalty Opt-Ins

Creating a mobile loyalty club is a great way for marketers to stay in touch with their brands’ loyal customers. There are many ways to solicit opt-ins (and minimize opt-outs), but some are more effective than others.5

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Appealing offers. Consumers love free. They also love cheap. Coupons, free trials, opportunities to win free products, etc., are great incentives for gaining opt-ins. Marketers should try each of these strategies to see which work best for their specific products or services, and then replicate that success across other campaigns.

How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business

What are QR codes and how can they help your business? Keep reading to find out.

Quick Response codes (QR codes) and other two-dimensional codes are expected to achieve widespread use this year – and for good reason. Consumers want immediate access to what’s relevant and QR codes are being used to make that possible.

QR Codes 101

If you’re not yet familiar with QR codes, they’re similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products at the point of sale. The key difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold or share.

Read the complete article here.

Leveraging the Information on Your Customer Database

Collecting, updating and maintaining customer information on your database is only part of the picture. Knowing how to use and exploit that information to your advantage is the real challenge.

In my experience working for and consulting to direct response marketing firms, I have found that the majority of these organizations are not properly leveraging their customer data. Being able to comb through, manipulate and leverage the information on a customer database is a unique skill, maybe even an art form. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that relatively few direct response marketers are actually applying sophisticated “data manipulation” techniques in an effort to exploit their customer database.

Customer Loyalty Brings Long-Term Sales

Great companies don’t just win new customers, they bring them back for more. Right now, building relationships with current customers is of the utmost importance, since belt-tightening consumers choose to buy from businesses they know and trust.

What’s a loyal customer worth to you in a year? How about two years, or five, or even longer? Loyalty marketing campaigns are the norm for businesses large and small nationwide. Nearly 80 percent of marketers are committed to maintaining or growing their loyalty programs as primary customer retention and relationship building tactics, according to a recent report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. And loyalty program members constitute the best and most profitable customers.

10 Types of Helpful SEO Content

Before we begin, I’d like to say how happy I am to be back writing for Search Engine Watch! For those of you who wondered what the heck happened to me, these past 12 months, I was over at ClickZ doing essentially the same thing.

For those of you who are saying “who the heck is this Mark guy?” well, hopefully we’ll come to know one another over the coming months.

Google, Spam, Bing & “Stings”

The recent news of Google’s “sting” operation with Bing caught my attention. Much like my esteemed colleague Frank Watson mentioned, I could really give a damn.

8 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Business

When it comes to mobile marketing, your small business needs to be there or be nowhere for an ever-increasing percentage of the market.

A survey of wireless carriers revealed that over 285 million Americans are mobile subscribers, about 91 percent of the total U.S. population (2010).

Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley analyst, predicts that within the next five years “more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs” ( Mary Meeker: Mobile Internet Will Soon Overtake Fixed Internet, Gigaom).

Key Customer Loyalty Trends for 2011

In today’s crowded marketplace, creating loyal, engaged customers is more important — and more challenging — than ever.

“2011 may well have been called the year of customer loyalty”, says Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty 360, “That is why we are going to see a number of key trends unfold over the next year.”

Johnson predicts these key trends will dominate the Loyalty Marketing Industry in 2011:

Why QR Codes Are Poised to Hit the Mainstream

The QR code, or quick response code, is simply a two-dimensional bar code that came into being in 1994 and found a large audience in Japan. Stateside, however, QR codes — while clever for tying real-world objects to online content — have always remained on the outskirts of public awareness.

Nonetheless, we’ve seen QR codes employed for creative purposes. The Detroit Red Wings interactive programs and the giant QR codes in Times Square come to mind. Each of these serves as prime examples of how QR codes could be on the verge of their breakout moment.

10 Marketing Trends for 2011

As the global economy struggles to correct itself, and social-media marketing becomes a strategic imperative, small businesses will have exciting opportunities to expand in new directions this year.

The need for trust, value and brand transparency, among other trends from last year, are just as important today. But the current shift to geotargeting, mobile marketing and online reputation management require that small businesses modify their plans to surpass competitors.

Here are 10 marketing trends that small businesses should incorporate now to be positioned for success from the start.