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Creative Services: The Strathmore Company Methodology

By: Richelle Wescott

At Strathmore Creative Services, our aim is to provide your business with an effective marketing program, no matter what size or scope your project entails. To do this, we have a very specific methodology:

1. We need to learn about your overall goals and objectives. These will guide all of our concepts and recommendations. 

2. We need to know your current marketing strategy and what you need to accomplish with a new marketing solution. We use this information to strategize a pertinent solution for your company.

3. We need to understand your position within your marketplace, in addition to the perceptions of your customers and the positioning of your competition.

The Strathmore Company: Your One-Stop Shop for Complete Fulfillment Services

By Richelle Wescott

Even with the proliferation of electronic marketing, most companies still require a full complement of printed brochures, catalogs, direct mail pieces and other similar materials. At The Strathmore Company we have the ability to warehouse your marketing pieces as well as prepare and ship them on an on-demand basis.

Printed Directories are Still a Powerful Tool

By Richelle Wescott

Directories and printed material in general, are making a comeback. It has been proven that the best return on investment for a company is a printed piece. It may seem like more and more of directories may be seen in a web interface but there hasn't been evidence to prove Internet superiority yet. The demand for printed directories has been on the rise because of this lack of quantification, dollar for dollar, that shows the web may be more powerful.

Smarter Directories

By Richelle Wescott

Choose Traditional Despite the Digital Trend

By Richelle Wescott

We've all witnessed a rise in the popularity of short run publications. Causes include the increased use of digital printing, the need for more dynamic information and, of couse, tighter budgets. Digital printing has increased because of its high speeds and ability to produce small run publications more efficiently. Here at The Strathmore Company, our short run pubs are still produced on traditional presses, yielding a higher print quality than is possible on digital equipment. 

Size Matters: Short Run Publications

By Richelle Wescott

Are you worried about printing a short run publication for your business to help bolster an online campaign you already have established for fear that it won’t be able to reach the same bulk audience? You shouldn’t fear that if you choose to print and produce your pub with The Strathmore Company. Because Strathmore regularly does runs of over a million pieces, no size of small run is going to "push our limitations". We take care of your printing as well as binding, mailing, and fulfillment needs. Whatever the specs, we can handle it.

Short Run Publications integrate with Web Advertising

By Richelle Wescott

If your company solely relies on mass emailing, or Facebook following, you may be limiting your potential. Short Run Printed publications can target your core audience better through research and design. These publications are most often developed with excellent web support as well, so you get the best of both worlds.

Just remember that it’s much easier for consumer’s to be exposed to your company or service when a printed publication shows up in their home mailboxes, it’s a physical object they can’t ignore. You can’t always depend on them to visit your website. The printed piece isn’t a choice, but consumers can be led to websites, Facebook, and blogs from there.

Why Printed Short Run Publications Should Stay Alive

By Richelle Wescott

If the New Yorker still believes their magazine will be ran in print form in twenty years, why shouldn’t your advertisements and publications be as well? Here at the Strathmore Company we help some Internet retailers and associations expand beyond their digital email blasts. We provide them with services for short run print publications; a tangible publication that consumers can’t just click to their email trash.

Case Study: How Smart Print Saved the Aurora Borealis

By Richelle Wescott

If you look back to our most recent post "Advertising Isn't So Bad" you'll see why Smart Print is an efficient and economical solution. Now that being said, it's much easier to understand why Smart Print saved the Aurora Borealis newsletter.