Size Matters: Short Run Publications

By Richelle Wescott

Are you worried about printing a short run publication for your business to help bolster an online campaign you already have established for fear that it won’t be able to reach the same bulk audience? You shouldn’t fear that if you choose to print and produce your pub with The Strathmore Company. Because Strathmore regularly does runs of over a million pieces, no size of small run is going to "push our limitations". We take care of your printing as well as binding, mailing, and fulfillment needs. Whatever the specs, we can handle it.

In addition to be handling your printing needs and distribution Strathmore can handle your content development. This includes editorial, design, photography, etc. making your short run publication a smart print publication that includes advertising sales, tracking and measurement, data collection and analytics, and more to promote customer engagement.

We promise that we will get your message out through print means. Our presses can handle the number of copies you specify because we handle long-run publications as well as short run pubs of all different lengths and distributions. We can also handle everything else involved with the publication. This concept brings a whole new meaning to all-inclusive doesn’t it?

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