Printed Directories are Still a Powerful Tool

By Richelle Wescott

Directories and printed material in general, are making a comeback. It has been proven that the best return on investment for a company is a printed piece. It may seem like more and more of directories may be seen in a web interface but there hasn't been evidence to prove Internet superiority yet. The demand for printed directories has been on the rise because of this lack of quantification, dollar for dollar, that shows the web may be more powerful.

Print is still often the way to go in terms of directories. And, regardless of web presence, it can always be used to supplement online material. This is because you tend to interact with printed text (by bookmarking, highlighting, annotating, etc.) in ways you wouldn't with online text. Online text is much easier to skim and also much easier to forget.

This kind of application definitely applies to directories. People want to be able to hold a piece of paper in their hand and copy the information into their calendar or notes. This copying might even be inputting the information into a handheld, electronic device. But directories and printed information are easier to synthesize for all the generations who have grown up on paper. Our world is becoming technological but our brains aren't fully online, or without the use of printed materials and directories just yet.



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