Loyalty Marketing New Trends

Maintaining customer loyalty is a hard task for marketers during these days. Because of recession people are more price sensitive. They expect better deals from their brand, at the same time if they tend to find best deals in competitors they adopt for that. Now it’s time for marketers to question about their loyalty strategies. Now whenever they go, whatever they purchase, they can see loyalty points. Increased competition in the loyalty marketing is also threatening the firms. Loyalty marketers now understand how to use the data driven insights to change the customer behavior profitable. Since the loyalty market is messed up with high competition now it is important for firms to combine the loyalty and their emotional bond. Combining the CSR, Green activities with the loyalty marketing is going to be the sustainable strategy in the future.

The best example for this strategy is America Express. They had a partnership with Statue of Liberty restoration project. The strategy was each time when Amex cardholders used the card, Amex donated a penny to the project. Similar to that the issue gave one dollar for new credit card application. They got an amazing result, $ 1.7 million in 3 months and their credit card usage increased by another 27% and new card application rate by 45%.

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