Introduction to QR Codes

QR Code with LogoLike most marketers, we’re starting to see the full potential of using QR (Quick Response) codes in promotional materials. However, since many customers are still new to the concept, we thought we’d do a brief introduction to QR codes and their use in marketing.

QR Code Overview – QR Codes can connect people to each other and multimedia digital content. They are similar to bar codes, but they can hold much more information and they are easier to use. You can scan a QR Code with an iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled smartphone and then link to a web page, enable e-mail or connect to a browser. QR Codes can be created fairly quickly with the appropriate information and a Code generator.

Applications – You can use QR Codes to share a video, a landing page or even an entire e-catalog. You can also use a QR Code to help customers “Like” your Facebook page, enhance your Search Engine Optimization or improve your analytics. In fact, QR Codes offer a lot of efficient options for tracking and monitoring traffic.

Practical Uses – QR Codes can be used on your business cards, brochures, packaging, event nametags, point-of-sale receipts, trucks, menus, posters and more. Your customers can then link to service manuals, directions to your facility, special offers or coupons, order forms and other documents, free downloads, and just about any other digitally-formatted information.

Of course, you always want to encourage actions that support your marketing plan, and we can help you determine the most effective uses of QR Codes in your communications materials. They are a fun and interactive way to connect to your customers, but they can also serve a very important role in your marketing and advertising.

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