Integrating Smart Print Across the Board

When we talk about our Smart Print program, we tend to focus on the obvious use: newsletters and directories. Smart Print, however, is a flexible solution that can be applied across all of your marketing materials, saving you money and increasing response.

Here are a few examples...

Digital Print - Even short-run flyers and brochures can feature a small ad or two that helps cover the cost of printing.

Website Ads - The same businesses that are advertising in your printed material are likely to advertise on your website.

Online Coupon Page - Instead of advertising throughout your website, companies are restricted to placing coupons and deals on a special page. People arrive at this page through QR codes, external links, printed material and search traffic and are then directed back to the content of your site!

Large Format Print - Banners, posters, pop-up banners and cardboard cut-outs can all have high value "sponsor areas" that can more than cover the cost of printing.


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