Choose Traditional Despite the Digital Trend

By Richelle Wescott

We've all witnessed a rise in the popularity of short run publications. Causes include the increased use of digital printing, the need for more dynamic information and, of couse, tighter budgets. Digital printing has increased because of its high speeds and ability to produce small run publications more efficiently. Here at The Strathmore Company, our short run pubs are still produced on traditional presses, yielding a higher print quality than is possible on digital equipment. 

Strathmore defines a short run publication as 5,000, which is comparable to most of the competition, although we also consider up to 75,000 as a short run in terms of numbers. As a result, almost no job that you might deem "short run" could overwhelm our presses even at those higher short-run numbers. And, with us, you know you’ll get extremely high quality products and not just something ran off of an inkjet printer.

We also adhere to keeping within your tighter budget. Our smart run publications can be designed in-house and advertising (that can help pay for these publications) can be handled internally as well. There’s really no reason that you should choose digital print quality over our services in terms of product quality or market exposure. What can we do for YOU?

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