Case Study: How Smart Print Saved the Aurora Borealis

By Richelle Wescott

If you look back to our most recent post "Advertising Isn't So Bad" you'll see why Smart Print is an efficient and economical solution. Now that being said, it's much easier to understand why Smart Print saved the Aurora Borealis newsletter. 

Until the team here at The Strathmore Company suggested Smart Print to Aurora they were considering no longer publishing their newsletter, a thing that most of the community had always counted on. But after introducing the Smart Print solution, the newsletter was actually produced faster, and the bulk of the work was put on The Strathmore Company.  Again, because Smart Print is a mutually beneficial production method, Strathmore holds a lot more stake in the game. We cut costs for the Borealis and took over the publishing process from start to advertising to finish. Now, the Aurora Borealis continues to be circulated within the city. 

Now we want to ask you, how can Smart Print help to save your publication?


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