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How to Create a Better Online Press Release

For those of you submitting press releases online, you may want to remember a few points that will make your online PR efforts more effective. The most important thing to remember is that people are searching for information in different ways. And, most of the time, this means a quick search on the Internet. To get noticed, you actually need to write for two different audiences – your customers and the search engines.

Tips for a better Mobile Web Site

With so many people using their smart phones for communication, it’s important to consider how your web site will be viewed in that environment. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

When to consider a Marketing “Makeover”

Sometimes you just have a feeling and other times you know for sure… it’s time to re-tool your marketing efforts. We get asked that a lot – “when do I know it’s time for a change”. Well, you might want to consider making some changes if any of the following pertain to your business.

You don’t have clearly-defined goals for your marketing plan. If you’re creating new ads or Facebook pages or catalogs or anything else “just because”, then you’re wasting time and money. You must consider your overall business goals and objectives, and then build a marketing plan to help you meet them.

Introduction to QR Codes

QR Code with LogoLike most marketers, we’re starting to see the full potential of using QR (Quick Response) codes in promotional materials. However, since many customers are still new to the concept, we thought we’d do a brief introduction to QR codes and their use in marketing.

A “Smart” Way to Reduce Printing Costs

Our Smart Print program is a great idea that’s gaining momentum. And, since many of our customers continue to rely heavily on printed materials, we thought we’d take a moment to re-examine the concept.

The challenge…

Printed materials require a lot of resources – concepting, design, writing, production, etc. It takes a certain level of marketing expertise to produce the piece, in addition to the time and money needed for printing and distribution.

No matter what size your company, these resources can be hard to come by.

Enter Smart Print…