Advertising Isn’t So Bad

By: Richelle Wescott

You may be thinking to yourself, the banner ads that pop up at me when I open up my Facebook page for the day are unbelievable. I would never want that in my publication that I submit to my community or consumers; I would never want to bombard them in the same fashion. Little did you know you actually control some of your Facebook advertising, and the ads that we solicit for your publication will actually benefit you and your community as well.

Now unlike the story which delves into Facebook Advertising: Stellar or Stalking? by Leon Kaye for Triple Pundit, I am just here to tell you about how our aims to gain advertising as a part of our Smart Print Solution are geared towards helping you. Because Smart Print is a mutually beneficial endeavor, Strathmore ends up being a lot more invested than other printers would be. We not only print your publication and find advertisers to help support your costs, but also create the ads for the publication. We have more skin in the game because we take care of your publications needs from the very start to finish.

We also aim to find locally tied advertising first. This means that a lot of the businesses that may end up in your publication could actually be affected by your work and community directly. The whole Smart Print process is a cost saving and reciprocal enterprise. It really makes you take a second look at how advertising could help you doesn’t it? And we would love to be the ones to make your printing needs a reality.

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