A “Smart” Way to Reduce Printing Costs

Our Smart Print program is a great idea that’s gaining momentum. And, since many of our customers continue to rely heavily on printed materials, we thought we’d take a moment to re-examine the concept.

The challenge…

Printed materials require a lot of resources – concepting, design, writing, production, etc. It takes a certain level of marketing expertise to produce the piece, in addition to the time and money needed for printing and distribution.

No matter what size your company, these resources can be hard to come by.

Enter Smart Print…

With this program we manage the entire supply chain to help improve content, lower your costs and generate crucial ROI data.

We can take an existing publication – or a new project – and supply the design, copywriting, printing, mailing, distribution and fulfillment. We’ll also implement tracking mechanisms (such as QR codes, PURLs, codes or coupons) to show where your responses are coming from, and even sell ad space to help pay for the project. If applicable, we can also reproduce your content in other media to further increase your reach and efficiency.

Smart Print is a creative way to reduce costs and improve response. The concept can be adapted to newsletters, posters, guides, catalogs, directories, and just about any other type of printed item. For more information or examples of Smart Print, please contact us.

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