5 Innovative Mobile Marketing Camapigns to Learn From

“Mobile marketing” used to just refer to phones, but that’s no longer the case. These days, you could be referring to an iPad or maybe no phone at all. Your marketing campaign could be embedded in an app or a QR code or a Facebook link or maybe a combination of all three.

As the definition of mobile evolves, marketers have an opportunity to stake out some new turf — the segment is so new that no rulebook exists yet. Because of the open-ended nature of the technology, there are really no limits to your ideas.

Of course, the Wild West can be intimidating, too. That’s why we’re showcasing some recent examples that might inspire you to try something different with your mobile marketing campaign.

1. Renault’s Phone-Less Facebook Checkin

Sure, a lot of people have the Facebook app on their smartphones, but why limit yourself? That was the thinking behind a promotion for Renault during the Amsterdam Motor Show in April. Attendees were given RFID-enabled cards that they could use to check in to pillars near Renault’s cars. Then, they could check in on Facebook and “like” various models.

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