10 Types of Helpful SEO Content

Before we begin, I’d like to say how happy I am to be back writing for Search Engine Watch! For those of you who wondered what the heck happened to me, these past 12 months, I was over at ClickZ doing essentially the same thing.

For those of you who are saying “who the heck is this Mark guy?” well, hopefully we’ll come to know one another over the coming months.

Google, Spam, Bing & “Stings”

The recent news of Google’s “sting” operation with Bing caught my attention. Much like my esteemed colleague Frank Watson mentioned, I could really give a damn.

The bigger picture here is that Google went public with this. And, they’re going public with this right after recent “admissions” from Matt Cutts that their search results could be improved — perhaps they were becoming a bit “spammy.”

Read the complete article here.


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